COLLESSIE COLUMN FOR week 10 March 2015 FH

MARCH MARCHES IN … As the wild high winds of the second week of March blow a gale through Collessie, the old adage of March blowing in like a lion is coming true yet again. The daffodil time is here in spite of it all. Tiny blossoms of the miniature variety are growing on Kirk Brae, and all around the village the yellow frilly blooms dance in the wind. Have a look around the fields surrounding the village and you will be delighted to see new spring lambs! Gamboling as they do …

VILLAGE EVENTS … The Quiz Night in the Village Hall is tonight, lucky Friday the 13th starting at 7.30 pm, doors open for 7. All welcome, enjoy a night out with neighbours and show off those magic brain cells of knowledge. Hall chief Tom Dearie asks us to come and have some fun while gently prodding those memory cells. Bring a little money, your booze and bites and, of course, your encyclopedic mind – it’s all ready to go.

VILLAGE CONCERNS … There is a petition going round about the speeding limit being reduced to 20 mph, as some families are concerned for the safety of their children. See Callum for more info on that. Broadband speeds are another matter, no limit for slowness there and a no hoper for change at the moment.

AWAKENINGS … As the buds of spring tell us change is in the air about the realm of Collessie and environs, there are numerous creatures of nature coming to life. Witness the small tortoise shell butterfly, who has been hibernating in corners of our houses and sheds and is now fluttering about trying to get out to the flowers. One remedy is to put a pot of primroses beside the window sill to give him a tasty nectar boost. Other signals of spring round about include the hedgehog who may well be wintering in your garden, our friend Spike and his family. Rake not your leaves or light a bonfire. March hares are also ready to box and dance, as have been seen in the past around the farmlands of Collessie and the Collessie Man, who has recently been heralded in verse. Inspiration also comes from the recent poetry festival held last week in St Andrews, Stanza, where poets were popping up like snowdrops everywhere you turned, encouraging one to write a sonnet or a rap as well as listen to these golden syllables of words that speak of life in a new way. Whether it was to eulogize one’s late mother’s handbag or to consider a lost doll or a floating leaf, poetry and spring seem to link somehow in the cyclical rhythms of life.

LOOKING FORWARD … It won’t be long before the Ides of March are upon us, that fateful date from the Roman calendar when the month is divided into equal parts, then St Patrick’s Day brings forth the clovers, shamrocks and green beer and all the Irish among us on the 17th, with Spring Equinox just around the corner on the 21st. An old Scottish custom celebrated in March is called ‘Whuppity Scoorie’ when the lighter spring evenings replace the dark winter nights and children’s shouting in play was meant to chase away the evil spirits. A modern take on that custom may not be hard to develop. Perhaps the YPG can take a look at this one, those faithful young people who meet in Collessie Church every Sunday morning with Marjory.

The JEFFERTON FLAG .. Notices are up around the Collessie Parish announcing the old archival banner of Giffordtown, known as the ‘Jefferton Flag’, will be unveiled in a ceremony at the end of this month. The return of the Jefferton Flag will be explained by Museum curator Gavin Grant at an historical event on Saturday the 28th of March at 2 pm at Giffordtown’s delightful vintage village hall.

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