17 MARCH-7 MAY 2016 Rüçhan Şahinoğlu’s 11th personal painting exhibition “Outside” can be seen at the Stoneline Project between March 17th and May 7th, 2016. In Şahinoğlu’s exhibition, the concepts of lack of communication, loneliness and alienation, which are the basic traces of his Works. This time in the pictures there are desolate streets, soul-free

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Let’s back together at Marmomac! We are looking forward to meeting you after a long time and we are extremely excited to present you our new exotic stones. Just pop in Our Booth D8 at Hall 9 to have a chat and get more information…

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MARCH 17th – MAY 7th, 2016

1th personal painting exhibit of Rüçhan Şahinoğlu, “On the Outside” can be viewed at Stoneline Project between the dates of March 17th and May 7th, 2016. In Şahinoğlu’s exhibit, concepts of lack of communication, loneliness

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“Pastorale Alla Turca”

48th Istanbul Music Festival organized by Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation (IKSV) and proudly supported by us, Stoneline, is preparing to Invite all the music enthusiast around Turkey to get together between the dates of September 18th – October 5th, 2020 on digital platforms, because of COVID-19 pandemic.

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IKSV & Stonline Musician Support Fund

Istanbul Music Festival is creating a new fund with the contributions of STONELINE which is one of the sponsors of the show. The project of “Musician Support Fund”, in the field of classical music, aims to support the professional musicians who are not working in a public institute or a private orchestra and are not able to perform because of the the pandemic of COVID-19, by providing them a performance opportunity on digital platforms.

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Stoneline İzmir Marble Fair 2020 Contest Of Stand Design

As Stoneline family, we aspired to organize a contest in which students from various disciplines work together to produce in the field of natural stone, an area which we have internationally served more than 20 years. The theme we have designated, was the design of the fair stand on which the Stoneline products would be exhibited. With this contest, we aimed to encourage the students of interior design and industrial product design, to think on natural stone and create innovate ideas.

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