Cleaning and Maintenance of Marble Surfaces

You can preserve the beauty of the marble surfaces you use in your living spaces for many years by paying attention to the issues we have compiled for you below.

If you buy your table, coffee table and counter style marble products directly from the manufacturer, request surface protection before they come to you. When this process is done with the right material and the right application, it will provide protection against stains on marble surfaces. We recommend repeating the application every one or two years, depending on usage. When cleaning, use soft-textured materials such as micro-fibers instead of hard-textured materials. Instead of cleaning materials containing chemicals, choose neutral cleaners pH7, diluted soap bar and lukewarm water. Dry the surface with a soft cloth after cleaning. Do not try products from other materials (tiles, ceramics, etc.) to solve a problem on the surface. If possible, seek advice from your manufacturer.