Istanbul Music Festival is creating a new fund with the contributions of STONELINE which is one of the sponsors of the show. The project of “Musician Support Fund”, in the field of classical music, aims to support the professional musicians who are not working in a public institute or a private orchestra and are not able to perform because of the the pandemic of COVID-19, by providing them a performance opportunity on digital platforms. Applications to the “Musician Support Fund” which has been created by Istanbul Music Festival, can be made via the application form in this link, until the date of July 10.

Accordingly, we are in a period which economically damaged the musicians and all other beneficiaries of the music production and created different approaches concerning the access to art. IKSV General Manager Görgün Taner who states that “solidarity and cooperation will be our greatest tools while we endure this period”, emphasizes that the field of culture and arts will shapes its future with new and creative solutions and helping the artists is especially important in this period. Taner completes his words by saying “I am happy that we could start a support programme in the field of classical music through Istanbul Music Festival and we present our sincere gratitudes for STONELINE to actualised this dream of ours”.

STONELINE General Manager Mehmet Bayrak who states that we should emphasize on solidarity express his opinion of the support fund: “We are in a period which not only effects a country, but effects the world in a global scale. We need to reach the shore. With minimal damage. Elderly will lend his hand to the young, powerful will lend its hand to the weak. We too, as STONELINE family, wanted to contribute to the moral of artists, especially young artists who are one of the parties gravely effected by this period. We thank IKSV who provided this opportunity to us and who has been the strongest advocate for culture and arts in our country for 50 years.

Musician Support Fund Application Criteria

Participants who are residing in Turkey, completed their bachelor education, graduated from conservatories, who worked with the professional orchestras and communities performing in Turkey between the dates of January 2018 and January 2020 as a free orchestra musicians and is not currently employed in a goverment institute  or private institute or orchestra, will be able to apply to Musician Support Fund.

Participations will be evaluated by a council including Orhun Orhon (Maestro), Oğuzhan Kavruk (Antalya State Symphony Orchestra General Music Director and 1st Maestro), Özge Tanrıver (İzmir State Symphony Orchestra Manager), Ahmet Rahtuvan (Antalya State Symphony Orchestra Deputy Manager, Horn Artist), Ozan Göktan (Manager of Filarmonia Istanbul and Orchestra of Istanbul Chamber, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra Horn Artists) and Doğukan Çokşeker (CRR Symphony Orchestra Manager) as manager and led by Efruz Çakırkaya, Istanbul Music Festival Director). Musicians chosen by the festival management, by joining the streams with the title “Musical Talk” which will be aired on social media channels and providing a record which they made on online platforms to be presented in the stream, will have the opportunity to be awarded with TRY 1.000.

Within the scope of the project, applications of which has been opened on May 22, 2020 and is planned to remain open until July 10, it is aimed to support the orchestra musicians who are not able to work due to the pandemic.

“Musical Talk” records in IKSV Youtube Channel

In June, “Musical Talk with Hakan Şensoy” which has been organized within the scope of “Musician Support Fund actualised within the scope of Istanbul Music Festival by the contributions of one of the sponsors of the show, STONELINE, has hosted the famous names of the classical music in Turkey. Program which is streamed live on the “Facebook”, “Instagram” and “IKSV YouTube” channels of Istanbul Music Festival, on every Tuesday evenings at 21.00, with the technical help of Hereous, consists of a talk with the guest of the week and a small concert. Additionally, records o the musicians who are awarded with “Musician Support Fund” is streamed on the program.

>>You can reach the records of every program via “IKSV YouTube channel.