Stoneline’s artisanal terrazzo: “Palezzo”

As Stoneline, we started to make terrazzo by using the most beautiful stones of the world with an artstic and innovative approach.

Depending on the design preferences and the thickness of the stone, we now produce epoxy or cement-based terrazzo with the Stoneline difference: We named it “palezzo” because the artisanal approach in our terrazzos mostly combines the palladian tradition and classical terrazzo.


Stoneline Palezzo is specially produced and applied for your project, and stands out as a brand new opportunity for you to create unique spaces.

In addition, homogeneous terrazzo in a classic structure that will create the colors and textures suitable for your preferences and projects.
Our palezzos can be produced with molds according to the size of the project, as well as onsite pouring depending on the place and preference. In addition, we can perform applications in curvilinear form with molds with our skilled team.

The legend is back with a new name: Palezzo.

With the production of palezzo, we are embracing a tradition that was abandoned in time, which was seen in our country in the 60s, with examples sometimes very successful and sometimes mediocre and overlooked.

Our knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen continue the tradition and train their young colleagues.

Stoneline, in its pioneering initiative, handles forgotten but now re-interested material in the world with an innovative, artistic approach.

With this method, it is also possible to evaluate waste that arises in various processes with an artistic and innovative approach, in accordance with the environmentalist approach that we believe you care about.

Freedom is Choosing

Our floor color options, as well as our stone options, include a wide range especially for epoxy palezzo. It is possible to make the desired color from Ral, Pantone or any color chart you prefer.

Since cement-based palezzo can be colored with iron oxide-based pigments, binder color options may be limited compared to epoxy based one.

All of the Palezzos are specially designed and can be adapted according to preference:

  • The color of the ground paste is variable and can be selected from any color chart.
  • The colors, proportions and dimensions of the aggregate may change.
  • The type of stone used may vary depending on the quantities.
  • The scale of the pattern may vary.
  • The distribution of the patt ern in the space is not homogeneous, and it may become denser and thinner from place to place.
  • We can also realize the compositions you create.


It is an environmentally friendly product due to its highly recyclable material.

The variety of colors and compositions is rich, you can create your palezzo in the compositions you want.

Since the epoxy palezzo material has a very high hygiene value, it does not react with viruses or bacteria.

It is possible to obtain a homogeneous texture.

It can be applied in large quantities by pouring in place, without joints, or by placing very sparse joints.



Palezzos with different stone and ground colors according to your preference.



For Palezzo, you can choose the aggregate color, size, percentages and ground color as you wish. Just get in touch.




The palezzo design we call "Jungle of Lines" was applied on the walkway at the entrance of the showroom.

Grey colored epoxy matrix was chosen and Thassos, Marmara and Calacatta stones were used.


A Palezzo design, which we call “Floating Forms”, was applied on the floor of the 30 square meter pocket.

White epoxy matrix was chosen and fine white aggregate was preferred.

Stones used in the composition: Imperial Yellow, Calcadere Pink, Marmara, Irish Green, TNZ White, Pietra Serena, Lapis Lazuli.