Properties of Natural Stone

Natural stones are not an industrial product as their names suggest, but a uniquely ORIGINAL product that has been shaped in nature over billions of years, is an inseparable part of it and contains all the mystery of nature. Therefore, it is at peace with nature during and after its use. It is “ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY” with its common expression.

Natural stones are a DURABLE and STRONG material that will satisfy all kinds of functionality and fine taste with the right stone selection and right applications. Thanks to its superior physical properties, its LIFE is UNLIMITED.

It is a material with superior and unique qualities that CANNOT BE IMITATED and cannot be found in any industrial material. With these features, it has become a unique tool that carries messages from the past to the future. Ancient cities, monuments, sculptures… When evaluated from this point of view, natural stones bear the VALUE OF DOCUMENTARY QUALITY by witnessing the development of the world and therefore humanity.

IT IS EASY TO PROVIDE. Countries and regions have local natural stones. Natural stone is almost ready in nature to be used as a building material. The local stones used in the architecture and the details of the combination of this material form the design language and determine the LOCAL ARCHITECTURAL CHARACTER OF the region where it is built.

Natural stones DO NOT LOSE ITS BEAUTY AS OLD, they can be restored or simply regain their former beauty after proper cleaning.

It has become the indicator of both beauty, magnificence and elegance with its SHAPABLE STRUCTURE in all areas of use, from monumental works and historical buildings to today’s residences and works of art.

Natural stone has countless visual and physical VARIETIES depending on the purpose of use and design, and DIFFERENT TEXTURES can be obtained with the surface treatments applied on it.

 It can be used in three dimensions to provide a SHADOW-LIGHT EFFECT.

Natural stone is much more ECONOMIC than artificial materials when evaluated in terms of Cost – Life. The costs required for cleaning and protection are equally low.