Stoneline was founded in 1997 in order to offer the “best” products and services in stone sector. We are extremely proud to have achieved this foundation purpose and to prove ourselves as a company that is reputable in the international market for its superior quality.

At Stoneline, we work hard to present the best shape of any stone to those who would like to use the most convenient natural stone in their projects. Established on an area of 3800 m2 in Ayazaga, our Central Office and Slab Showroom is home to more than 500 natural stone samples such as granite, marble, onyx, limestone, travertine, basalt and many other precious stones from both Turkey and overseas. We enrich our collection by adding new products each month.

We build our strength from our factory in Kocaeli Çayırova, export office and showroom in İzmir and also sales office in Azerbaijan to respond to all queries from all around the world. Besides trading slabs globally, we also offer production and assembly services thereby supporting the whole project process. The characteristics that distinguish us from others are the quality of our products, services and experts which are key to our reliability.

The charming aesthetics and unique texture of natural stones also inspire our social activities. We share our knowledge and approaches on natural stone with architectural offices and students at “Natural Stone Trainings and Seminars”. We also pioneer creation of sectoral and artistic reference sources with Stoneline Publications. The Stoneline Art Project, which was set up in our showroom in 2016 as a non-profit entity, aims at supporting young artists where they can present their works to art-lovers.

We try to reflect our gratitude towards natural stones in all our activities and enjoy sharing all these values with entities and people around us.

Enjoy the Stoneline privilege…

Durability and continuity, mobility and liveliness, aesthetics and machineability, abundance of color and texture… Traces of a thousand years old energy and motion… Natural stone is a unique gift from nature.

And it is our duty to blend this with today’s knowledge to create a form of art. Stoneline exists to reflect the values of stone in the best way possible. Since, we know that the true value of natural stone will only come out when right selection and perfect application are blended.

For this reason, we share our knowledge and expertise at each stage from purchasing of block and slab to production and from assembly work to after-sales services, and we continue to stand next to you throughout the lifetime of the stone.