Palezzo met with designers at the Maison & Objet 2023 Fair with its New Series

The new series of our Palezzo collection, which we started to offer original, artistic, artisanal flooring and wall covering alternatives that complement designs, met with designers at Maison & Objet 2023 Fair, one of the leading fairs of the design world. While the latest trends in the decoration world were discovered at the Maison&Objet Fair,Read more ⟶

The first book of Stoneline Publishing

Bu yıl 25. yılını kutlayan, Türkiye doğal taş sektörünün lider markası STONELINE Yapı Ürünleri, kuruluş aşamasından bu yana eğitim, kültür ve sanata verdiği desteğe, yayıncılık alanındaki girişimiyle bir yenisini daha ekledi. Şirketin sosyal sorumluluk anlayışının bir parçası olarak yapılandırılan STONELINE Yayınları’nın

Properties of Natural Stone

Natural stones are not an industrial product as their names suggest, but a uniquely ORIGINAL product that has been shaped in nature over billions of years, is an inseparable part of it and contains all the mystery of nature. Therefore, it is at peace with nature during and after its use. It is “ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY”Read more ⟶


17 MARCH-7 MAY 2016 Rüçhan Şahinoğlu’s 11th personal painting exhibition “Outside” can be seen at the Stoneline Project between March 17th and May 7th, 2016. In Şahinoğlu’s exhibition, the concepts of lack of communication, loneliness and alienation, which are the basic traces of his Works. This time in the pictures there are desolate streets, soul-free


Let’s back together at Marmomac! We are looking forward to meeting you after a long time and we are extremely excited to present you our new exotic stones. Just pop in Our Booth D8 at Hall 9 to have a chat and get more information…


The first step of presenting the best shape of a stone to our customers is the selection of block. And the most important part of block selection is to have customer’s perspective. Looking at the stone from the perspective of the customer requires efficient interaction with customers. Customer visits and meetings, customer’s website and socialRead more ⟶