The second book of STONELINE Publications, Turkey’s first publishing house focused on natural stone, “Natural Stone Guide for Architects” has been published.

STONELINE Building Products, the leading brand of the Turkish natural stone industry; continues to support education, culture and art with its initiative in the field of publishing. The second book of the publishing house, “Natural Stone Guide for Architects”, is a reference source for architects, interior architects, engineers, natural stone practitioners, academics and students who need basic information about the process that starts with the decision to choose the right stone for the use of natural stone in buildings. “Which natural stone should be used where?” The book, which aims to give the right answer to the question, was written by experienced architects, academics and industry experts.

natural stones; It is the most important building material that has been widely preferred and used since the ancient period as the main structure, flooring and covering element in buildings. Natural stones add significant value to the architectural and aesthetic identity of the buildings, thanks to their rich variety of types, colors and patterns, as well as their durability and long service life. “Natural Stone Guide for Architects” aims to convey the basic information that may be needed regarding the use of natural stone in architecture as a building material, with references from history.

In the “Natural Stone Guide for Architects”, the formation, production and processing process of natural stone from block to cladding; important structures that have left their mark in the history of architecture and the place and importance of natural stone in the history of architecture; natural stone selection criteria in architecture; indoor and outdoor usage areas from residence to public area; design methods and construction principles; principles of deterioration, cleanliness and preservation; evaluation methods in terms of sustainability, numerical data on natural stone resources of our country and more are presented with texts written by experts. In the “Types of Natural Stones” section, examples of widely used natural stones of different types and origins are included with their technical specifications. At the end of the book, there is a comprehensive glossary with explanations of technical terms related to natural stones.

Dr. In the book, which was edited by O. Serkan Angı, edited by Gülçin İpek, and graphically designed by Cem Günbek, information about the process from the selection of natural stone to its use is provided by Dr. O. Serkan Angı, Assoc. Dr. Demet Arslan Dinçay, Prof. Dr. Genco Berkin, Assoc. Dr. Deniz Aslan, Prof. Dr. A. Nil Türkeri, M. Architect Canan Baş, Prof. Dr. Written by Seden Acun Özgünler. Evren İyigönül and Nuray Saatçioğlu Uygur from the STONELINE Building Products expert team also shared their application experiences with the reader. At the end of the book, Prof. Dr. There is also a comprehensive dictionary containing explanations of technical terms related to natural stones prepared by Emin Çiftçi.

STONELINE Publications, whose editor-in-chief is Architect Gülçin İpek, considers the “Natural Stone Guide for Architects” as a first step towards the subject and aims to fill an important gap in the natural stone literature by constantly updating and developing new titles to be added in line with the needs and suggestions in future new editions of this study. aims.

With texts accompanied by nearly 1,000 photographs and technical detail drawings, the book informs the reader about the use of natural stone in architecture. The book is offered for sale at and bookstores.

Natural Stone Guide for Architects
Editor : O. Serkan Angi
Episode Writers: O. Serkan Angı, Demet Arslan Dinçay, Genco Berkin, Deniz Aslan, Evren Iyigönül,
A. Nil Türkeri, Canan Baş, Seden Acun Özgünler, Nuray Saatçioğlu Uygur
Editorial Director: Gulcin Ipek
Book Design : Cem Günübek
Technical Advisor: Neslihan Gucmen, Architect
Publisher : STONELINE Publications
Type : Architecture, Design, Construction Techniques, Construction Materials
Skin info : Thread stitched
Paper : Matt coated, 130 gr
Color status : Colorful
Print date : March 2023
Number of prints : 1st Edition
Number of pages : 406
Size : 15×19 cm

STONELINE Building Products aims to promote natural stone through books to be published in line with a publication program, to enrich the literature in this field, and to support academic research that is a source by establishing a publishing house with a sense of social responsibility.
The first book of STONELINE Publications, “Natural Stone Facades / Planning Principles, Projects and Structures” was published in 2022.